Strategic Planning and Execution

IdSP provides executive level subject matter expertise and thought leadership in identity and biometrics to directly support strategic planning and execution through a combination of robust and thorough stakeholder engagement, technical and policy thought leadership, and communication.
Our best offerings are to government stakeholders who actively seek to advance identity management and biometric solutions that promote identity protection while enabling the right access to the right identity data to those with the legal right to its access.
We also provide leadership in identity intelligence, resolution and training. 

Architecture and Requirements

IdSP specifically provides expertise in identity ecosystems, finite identity systems, and device requirements gathering, architecture, design, technical assessment, documentation and diagraming. 

Cloud, machine learning and artificial intelligence capablities enable IdSP designs to be cutting-edge.



  • Defense

  • Borders and Homeland Security

  • Intelligence

  • USG Partners & International Organizations


  • Engineering

  • Technical Expertise

  • Research and Development

  • Policy Expertise and Leadership (with Legal Background)

  • Business Analysis

  • Program Management

  • Administrative Support

Niche Horizontals

  • Identity Management System Assessment 

  • Identity Intelligence (Identity Resolution Process, Training, and Policy Execution)

  • Biometric Engineering and Watchlist Creation & Assessment

  • ​Business Analysis 

  • Identity Management Architecture, Requirements & Documentation 

  • Identity and Biometric Policy Development & Statements, including Congressional Engagement

  • Stakeholder Engagement, Working Group Leadership & Execution

  • Biometric Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Biometric Cloud


Ask us the hard questions about identity management systems and capabilities, biometric modalities and biometric devices, privacy, security, digital identity, identity intelligence and more.


IdSP weaves deep expertise gained as the industry has grown with deep experience in the public sector to get you answers that will actually help you. And if we don't know the answer, we will work with you to help you find the answer or solution.  

We are happy to work with both the federal, state, local and private sectors.